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JC Board of Education approves new back to school plan

The Johnston County Board of Education approved a back to school plan at a special called session on Thursday, Sept. 25 and took the following action:

On Sept. 28, Pre-Kindergarten and Self-Contained Exceptional Children in grades K-12 will attend all days except Wednesday until Oct. 12.

Kindergarteners will return to school in two groups during their first week. Group 1 will attend school on Oct. 5 and 6. Group 2 will attend school on Oct. 8 and 9.

Beginning on Oct. 12, all Kindergarten, Pre-K, and K-5 Self Contained EC students will attend all five days of the week. Self Contained EC students in grades 6-12 will remain attending in-person instruction four days a week, with Wednesday serving as a remote learning day.

On Oct. 19, all students in grades 1 and 2 will begin attending school all five days under Plan A. In addition, students in grades 6-12 will begin attending school in Plan B in two cohorts on Monday, Tuesday or Thursday, Friday with Wednesday as a remote learning day.

On Oct. 26, all students in grades 3,4, and 5 will begin attending schools all five days under Plan A. 

At this time, the Virtual Program will remain in place until the end of the semester. Any decisions to continue beyond the first semester have not been determined.

Your assigned school will be contacting you with information that is specific to your school and the revised school calendars can be found on the district website.

There are two important forms that are on your school and district websites. The first is the Transportation Commitment Form that is to be completed for any student who is riding a bus and is required to ride the bus. It states the responsibilities of parents to conduct the required symptoms screenings and details mask requirements. This is due no later than Tuesday, Sept. 29 at midnight and is required for all students in the household.

Students enrolled in the Virtual Program who plan to return to face-to-face instruction are required to complete the Change to Face-to-Face Form on the website that you would like to change by Tuesday, Sept. 29 at midnight. Face-to-face students who would like to participate in the virtual program must register on the district website using the virtual registration form by Tuesday, Sept. 29 at midnight. Review the changes to the virtual program for the remainder of the semester to ensure that you still want to be a part of the program.

All schools will be inspected for adherence to our safety and sanitation protocols prior to opening. Students will be required to wear cloth face coverings at all times unless eating or on mask breaks. Detailed protocols can be found on your school and district websites.