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January Menus and Curbside Pickup

The breakfast and lunch menus for January 11-15 have been updated.  Please keep in mind that the menu is subject to change based on availabilty. Also note that Curbisde picup hours have been adjusted and are now 11:30 am - 12:45 pm.


Monday, January 11:

Breakfast: Nutrigrain Bar, string cheese, juice, milk

Lunch: Mac N Cheese, hushpuppies or biscuits, corn, strawberry applesauce cups, milk


Tuesday, January 12:

Breakfast: Sausage biscuit, juice, milk

Lunch: Cheesy Bites, marinara sauce, green beans, AM Hero Fruit Freeze, milk


Wednesday, January 13:

Breakfast: Cereal or poptarts, juice, mlik

Lunch: Fiestada pizza, baked beans, raisins, milk


Thursday, January 14:

Breakfast: Breakfast pizza, juice, milk

Lunch: Corn dog nuggets, broccoli with cheese, pears, milk


Friday, January 15:

Breakfast: Dunkin sticks, juice, milk

Lunch: Chicken wrap on flatbread, ranch packet, hashbrown rounds, craisins, milk