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Teacher Workday, Carpool, Voting Site Information

Carpool Reminders:You can use both lanes in our two lane road as you enter our carpool to help balance out the line.  We want to make sure we do not have any cars out on Buffalo Rd.  Mr. Jewett will be at the top helping to direct traffic and alternating the cars; so if you see one line is longer than the other, you can switch lanes carefully to balance out the lines.  If traffic is light, you will see Mr. Jewett come down the road and ask you to move to the right lane; that is so you don't have to stop at the top because there is not a long line. 
Secondly, please make sure you have your carpool tag clearly visible in the afternoon so we can call your child and get them in place as quickly as possible.
This Friday, October 16th is a teacher workday.  Students do not have school on this day- our teachers will be working on entering the grades for our 1st quarter.
Our 1st and 2nd grade students who are coming back face to face will start next Monday, October 19th.  Our 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students who are returning face to face will return on Monday, October 26th. 
River Dell will be a voting site on Tuesday, November 3rd.  We will not have students on campus that day due to the large number of people that will be here voting; it will be a virtual learning day for all students.