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How to Find Help with Connexus

Students who are having issues with Connexus may reach out to the staff members listed below for assistance.  When contacting these staff members through their Johnston County Schools Gmail, please make certain that you identify:


  • Full First Name
  • Full Last Name
  • Name of the Connexus class
  • Name of the Lesson or other Activity that needs to be reset 


Donna Arentsen: Monday-Sunday @ 8am-8pm

Daniel Barrett: Monday-Friday @ 10am-5 pm

Dolores Barrett: Monday-Friday @ 8am-8pm

Barbara Hudak: Monday-Friday @ 9am-5pm

Wendy Levin: Monday-Friday @ 9am-5pm

Bob Luke: Monday-Friday @ 11am-4pm

Cindy Russell: Monday-Friday @ 11am-3pm