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Carmen Pena Escobar Recognized for Showing the Character Trait of Courage

Carmen Pena Escobar is a 5th-grade career-long student at Wilson’s Mills Elementary.  She exudes the character trait of courage on a daily basis in and out of the classroom.  Carmen enjoys school and her favorite subject is math because she likes multiplication and division.  She also enjoys PE.  This is Carmen’s second year taking violin.    


Carmen believes that you should never give up and this perseverance is shown by being on a competitive gymnastics team.     


In Carmen’s free time she enjoys playing with her dog, Luna, ice skating, jumping on the trampoline, drawing, and playing outside.   Carmen is active in her community and works as a volunteer at St. Anne’s Church.  Carmen has a brother in the military and helps her mom with cooking and cleaning.    


She believes in working hard to achieve her goals and rising to the occasion when confronted with a challenge.  Wilson’s Mills is proud to recognize Carmen Pena Escobar for the character trait of courage.