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April Happenings at WSE


Ms. Rodriguez's class celebrated poetry month by taking a poetry walk to observe signs of spring. Students used their senses to describe signs of spring and recorded their findings such as listening to birds chirping, seeing butterflies, touching and smelling blooming flowers. When students returned to their classroom, they collaboratively created a poem titled "Flowers". Way to go class K506!


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Pre-K has been exploring seeds, flowers and what plants need to grow.  They have learned that plants start from seeds and need sun, water and soil to grow.  They have also learned the parts of the plant (Roots, Stem, Leaves and Flower).  They painted flowers as well as cut and pasted plant parts.  The students had the opportunity to plant their own seeds and are so excited to see what comes up!

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5th Grade

The Fifth Graders had a wonderful time as they spent the day at the Asheboro Zoo on Wednesday, April 10th. The trip was an opportunity to extend their understanding regarding the animals that live in each biome, which the students studied weeks prior to their trip.