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March Happenings at WSE


On March 7th, 2019, both Pre-K Classes went to Marbles Kids Museum in Raleigh. Students explored different exhibits and worked on social skills.  They played in the Around Town exhibit and worked as veterinarians, fire fighters and also worked the farm.  They also went to the Moneypalooze exhibit and  worked on counting and sharing.  It was a fun learning experience for the Pre-K kids!


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ART - 2nd Grade

Second Grade is starting to learn about the Rainforest Biome in Ms. Carter’s Art class.  Students have been talking about the trees and animals within this environment. Students are working on a painting of a banyan tree which is one of the many plants found in tropical rainforests.  These trees grow shallow, widespread roots in order to absorb the most nutrients. As the banyan tree grows, its branches send down ‘aerial roots’ which then connect to the ground, root themselves and become additional support for the tree.





Art - 5th Grade



West Smithfield 5th Grade classes have been learning about the Tundra Biome this month.  Ms. Carter’s 5th-grade art classes are learning about the Northern Lights which occur in Alaska as well as other parts of the world.  Another name for these beautiful color bands in the northern sky is the aurora borealis.   These lights appear when tiny particles stream out from the Sun and hit Earth’s atmosphere.  These lights occur most often around the North and South Pole because the incoming particles have an electric charge.

The 5th Grader’s in Ms. Carter’s art class are working on a piece of art to represent the amazing Northern Lights


arrt1      art2