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What's Happening at WSE?

What's Happening at WSE?


Here are some exciting things that have been going on in classrooms at West Smtihfield Elementary...


Ms. Hall's Kindergarten Class

 Ms. Hall's class recently read the book Tacky the Penguin, a story about a penguin named Tacky, who is different from all his friends.  He is loud and odd, when they are polite and "normal".  When hunters come to catch penguins, he saves the day with his odd ways.  All the other penguins realize that even though he may look and act differently, he is valued.  The children loved learning about the vocabulary words, especially the word dreadful (because Tacky- and Mrs. Hall- sang dreadfully).  Because Tacky was different, everyone got the chance to create a new look for Tacky's shirt.  They also wrote about their favorite part of the story.


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Ms. Carter's Art Class

Kindergarten has been learning about landform features in Ms. Carter’s art class.  Students have been talking about the differences between mountains and valleys. Students worked with a partner to practice what they learned.   Together they created a poster of different landforms including hills, plains, deserts and coastlines. Students are creating a piece of art called a landscape.  They are learning how to use a paintbrush while creating the different colored pieces for their textured landscapes.  


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Fourth Grade 

 - Ms. Morgan's Class

Ms. Morgan's class played Moon Phase Bingo and made the phases of the moon using Oreos! 
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  - Mrs. Parrish's class
Mrs. Parrish's fourth grade class used a very tasty method of assessment when winding up their study of the phases of the moon.  Prior to the assessment, students had researched the phases, completed reading passages on the topic, watched videos and completed a sequencing activity.  The assessment was by far the best component; however, since it involved using Oreo cookies.  Students had to carve the white frosting out in the patterns of each phase.  The students had to correctly design the patterns in order to eat the cookies.  Now that is motivation in action!
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