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WJHS Appoints Pierre Yancey as New Head Wrestling Coach and Asst Football Coach

West Johnston High School is pleased to announce the appointment of Pierre Yancey as the new head wrestling coach and assistant football coach.  

Yancey’s military background and previous experience in education and coaching makes him a great fit for West’s athletic program.  Yancey states, “I’m glad to be at West Johnston where I can continue to do what I love, working with the kids. I plan to bring the same success I brought to Clayton last year to Wildcat country. I believe in pushing all my athletes to succeed on and off the mat. I am former military. While in the military, I wrestled. I have also played semi-professional football and professional arena football. One of my favorite quotes that my coach instilled in me in high school was, ‘Good things come to those who wait.’" Yancey is ready to join the student-athletes in their workout opportunities and is looking forward to the resumption of student sports; “Let’s get to work, Wildcats!”

Coach Josh Plisko, WJHS Athletic director, is excited to bring Coach Yancey to the school. Plisko explains:  “His passion, organization skills, and hunger to build a successful sustainable wrestling program is a big reason we brought him on. I am also glad that he will continue to push our mindset of multi-sport athletes here at West. Especially since, he will be working with both the football team as an assistant coach and the head of the wrestling program.”  

For students interested in wrestling, Coach Yancey will be collecting completed athletic paperwork this Wednesday and Thursday between 2-3 pm in front of the basketball gym.