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WJHS Names Junior Marshals

With West Johnston High School's graduation day rapidly approaching, Principal Jennifer Swartz announced the names of the 30 outstanding juniors who will don their silver robes and medallions, and lead the class of 2019 onto West Johnston's football field May 31.  The junior marshal tradition has been in place since West Johnston's first graduation, and the group includes the 30 top ranked students in West Johnston's junior class, based on their GPA's. Melissa Finch, assistant principal and graduation coordinator for the school, states that it's a high honor and great responsibility to be part of this important team: "The marshals play an integral role in our graduation ceremony. Their duties vary from guiding the graduates on and off the field to participating and assisting at senior awards night. One is even selected to speak at graduation, welcoming the graduates, families, and honored guests."  Achieving the position of junior marshal has been a goal for many of these students since their freshman year, and their eagerness to help and excitement about participating in West's graduation is evidence of their commitment to the role, observes Ms. Finch. "Working with the marshals is one of my favorite duties at West Johnston," she says, "They're an amazing group of students, and we depend on them to make graduation run smoothly."

West Johnston High School Junior Marshals, 2019:

Front row, l-r: Sarah Hobby, Cailyn Halloran, Michaela Altman, Hayley Whoolery, Ainsley Underwood, Eric Ryan, Mary Kuhn, Sophia Hall, Diana Carite, Sarah Ford

Middle row, l-r: Kara Baker, Leah Hall, Leah Strickland, Ashley Godwin, Jessica Walker, Ally Powell, Brianna Adams, Kai Moskow, Graham Johnson, Nate Mayfield, Kayna Henningham

Back row, l-r: Madison Greene, Anthony Losada, Jillian Cook, Santina Hutchens, Nicholas Wilcox, Kamryn Potteiger, Kyle Denning, Kristen Tyndall, Alexandra Parker, Megan Bost