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WJHS Class of 2019 prepares to Graduate

On Tuesday, May 7, West Johnston High School’s seniors donned their caps and gowns a few weeks early and returned to the hallways of their early years. A tradition that began two years ago, the West Johnston Graduation Walk is a high school highlight for West’s seniors as they approach this important milestone in their lives. Accompanied by senior class advisers, Emily Scott and Brian Van Derlaske, the class of 2019 visited West View, Dixon Road, and McGee’s Crossroads Elementary schools, as well as McGee’s Crossroads Middle. Ms. Scott says that the walk provides seniors an opportunity to “reflect on how far they’ve come.” Mr. Van Derlaske adds that it’s awesome to see the younger students come out of their rooms to watch the seniors parade down the halls in full regalia: “It’s a chance for the little students to look toward their own future” he says.The two advisers enjoy the spirit of celebration as the younger kids cheer and high five the older kids. Senior Cassidy Dellinger says, “The walk means a lot because it shows that even though everything is coming to a close for the graduating class, new doors are opening for us, and the younger kids will see that it will happen for them too.” Cameron Lanning said it’s exhilarating to be taking “one more step toward the big day.” Ms. Scott observes that not only is the day full of joy, but there is also a sense of nostalgia because many students reunite with their former teachers: “It’s one of my favorite moments,” Scott says, “because they’re really not prepared to acknowledge how far they’ve come until they see their former teachers, and they realize how much they’ve grown.”