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Enrichment Campus encourages Student Choice

Last fall, West Johnston High School successfully launched its “Enrichment Campus” program, a suite of daily, choice-driven, acceleration sessions for students who are looking for that “something more” during West Success time.  The sessions, wherein teachers teach mini-courses focused on their passions, met with great success and inspired a desire in students to lead their own enrichment courses.  Emily Scott, teacher and Enrichment Campus chairperson at West, is excited about expanding student choice: “The students are taking charge of their own learning in a whole new way.  This teaching opportunity encourages them to explore their personal talents and passions and to share them with their peers. Ultimately, the students are building more positive relationships with each other.”  The eligibility process for becoming a student leader requires candidates to apply by proposing their session idea and showing a connection to a state curriculum standard. Prospective student leaders must also secure a supporting teacher and receive training on lesson planning prior to teaching their courses.  Student-led courses for this enrichment cycle include a drum circle with Cassidy Dellinger; Dungeons and Dragons (the math link) with Nathan Tryner; poetry with Bradford Parris; “Art with a Freshman” with Brayden Schenker; and “Kickin’ It” with Taylor Evans.  Not only are student leaders enhancing their critical thinking skills in their search to find connections between their passions and the curriculum, but they are also beginning to see themselves as academic leaders in this choice-driven program.