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WJHS Teacher Wins Grant for a "World" of Books

On January 16, 2019, the Johnston County Education Foundation Prize Patrol made its way to West Johnston High School with a sizable check for Colleen Bonner, a world history teacher at the school. Ms. Bonner began her grant-writing journey intent on supporting her students through project based learning, a teaching methodology designed to help students to engage with the curriculum in ways that are not always possible in traditional classroom settings.  She plans to use the $1480 to create a project-based-learning classroom library for her world history students. The new classroom library will include three sections: reference books and periodicals; historical non-fiction; and historical fiction. Bonner also hopes the funds will extend to other media resources, such as music and films. Thrilled that her grant was funded, Ms Bonner shared her vision for her students: "My goal is to get students interested not only in reading, but also in history. I'm hoping that the characters and historical settings the students encounter in these new books will spark greater interest and exploration into past events, and that they will use their newfound knowledge to understand the future."