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Amazon invests in Computer Science at West Johnston

On December 6, 2018, West Johnston High School was accepted into the Amazon Future Engineers Program in partnership with Edhesive. Edhesive is an online learning platform that provides all course materials and required professional development for teachers teaching these computer science classes. Through this grant, Amazon will fund the Edhesive blended learning course offerings in computer science for two years at West Johnston High School. The new courses will begin this upcoming 2019-20 school year. The first course offered will be Advanced Placement Computer Science Principles, followed by Introduction to Computer Science and Advanced Placement Computer Science A. Amazon will fund up to $14,000 for the two-year grant program. Karen Collins, the West Johnston Teaching and Learning Coach who applied for the grant, stated, “We have a lot of students who go to NC State, and because they don’t have exposure to computer science, they don’t often consider it as a major.  Our students are missing opportunities to explore a meaningful and lucrative career right here in the Research Triangle area.”  Jennifer Swartz, principal at West said, “We are extremely excited to see the continued growth of our Advanced Placement Program.” Willy Akasson, the teacher who will be teaching this unique course is thrilled to be part of the program, as it has the potential to meet the needs of many students who hope to find careers in the computer science field.