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Buy a Graduating Senior Ad for the 2021 Yearbook

Graduating Seniors are eligible to purchase a Senior Ad in the 2019 Yearbook!  Ads will be designed by the Senior or the family/person purchasing the Senior Ad. 


Senior Ad Sizes and Prices

A full page ad will cost $150.

A half page ad will cost $75.

A 1quarter page ad will cost $45.


Click chose your ad size, design/create, and proofread your ad!  You will also pay for the ad using the provided link.

*Ads are subject to ALL JCPS Policies as presented in the JCECA Handbook.  Any ad featuring negative (defaming, bullying, vulgar langauge or images), racist, sexualized, etc. content will not be published in the yearbook.  No refunds will be given for ads not published in the yearbook due to violation of JCPS Policies.*