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Calendar and Report Card Update

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Senate Bill 704 was signed into law this month which includes some new calendar requirements. Therefore, the board adopted a calendar which has adjusted the first instructional day for students as August 17, 2020, as required by SB704, rather than the original start date of August 24, 2020. Also, this revised calendar includes 5 remote learning days for students as mandated. A copy of the calendar is linked on the website. Given the need to quickly modify our previously approved calendar, a sampling of the Calendar Committee met two times to implement the necessary changes while preserving many of the components within the original calendar.

Due to the COVID-19 school closure, printed copies of report cards will not be distributed this year as in year’s past. All final reporting documents will be available beginning June 10 and will include promotion/retention status. For students in grades 6 and higher, a final report card will be generated electronically in Powerschool. Parents will log into the parent portal to view the report card. Students in grades K-5 will not receive a report card. Instead, parents will receive a feedback form via email regarding learning from the full academic year using the email address provided to the school in the JCPS parent portal. Please ensure the email address is accurate. Your school’s data manager can assist with this process, if needed. Contact the school if you need a printed copy of the report card or feedback. For additional details regarding end-of-year grading and reporting for all grades, please visit the JCPS Remote Learning page on the district website.

As the summer progresses, we will provide more specific information regarding remote learning days within next year’s calendar, as well as the opening of the new school year with the guidance from the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, and state and local officials