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JCPS Remote Learning Update and End of Year Plans


UPDATED May 5, 2020 


Dear Parents, Families, and Guardians,

Governor Cooper announced on Friday, May 1st, that all public school buildings will remain closed for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year. In accordance with this order, all JCPS school buildings will remain closed for the remainder of this school year for the purpose of face-to face instruction. Our staff will continue to provide remote learning instructional opportunities for our students until the end of this school year, May 29th. 

We are currently in Phase 3 of our multi-phase instructional plan and will continue to the end of this school year. As a district, we will continue to post our remote learning plan updates on our website with current, specific and relevant information for our families. These resources are designed to keep your child engaged in learning. Please note that learning opportunities and activities found on this site will not be graded. 

Based on the latest guidance from NCSBE, DPI and the NC Governor’s Office, additional information has been provided about finalizing the school year for students. Please note this in Phase 4 of the JCPS remote learning plan. Information regarding final grading, promotion, school office openings, pickup of personal student items, return of school items and summer activities is provided in this update. 

We are proud of how our school staff, students, families and communities have joined together in such unprecedented times. Thank you for your support, patience, and desire to assist our efforts. 

Phase Four (May 15th- June 5th):

  • Remote Learning will continue until May 29th.
    • Additional Web-based instructional resources: Access to all remote learning opportunities can be found on the homepage of the JCPS website Johnston County Public Schools Learning @ Home. Under each school individual site you will find access to all remote learning activities and opportunities by either grade-level, teacher, course or subject. Teachers will continue to post learning activities until further notice. Teachers will provide feedback to students on learning opportunities through various forms of feedback digitally. Each school has provided documents for ways to contact teachers remotely as well as posted virtual office hours with availability to assist students and families. Schedules have been developed to provide maximum flexibility in order to meet the needs of individual students, families and teachers.
    • School Contact: Schools will continue communicating with students/parents. You may call the school front desk or email your child's teacher if additional information is needed. For additional help please contact the JCPS Call Center Monday- Friday 8am-5pm toll-free at 855-527-6397.

Operation of School and District Offices:

  • Plans are in development for the safe opening of school and district offices in compliance with state and local guidelines. These opening dates will be communicated.
  • Set hours will be 8 am - 4 pm until June 5, 2020. Our Summer schedule begins on June 8th and offices will be open 7:00-5:30 Monday-Wednesday and 7:00-5:00 on Thursday. All offices will be closed on Fridays. 


School Calendar:

  • The state has asked that school districts adhere to their existing calendars. No calendar changes will be made for the 2019-2020 school year.
  • Remote Learning ends on May 29th. 


Return of school items and pick up personal items (June 1st- June 5th)

  • Pick up of personal student items/return of school materials, library books, technology, athletic equipment and/or uniforms, etc. 
  • Schools will set up a time, place and process for drop-off and pick-up using carpool lines and bus lots. More information will be provided by your child’s school.


Senior Graduation: 

  • A Graduation Workforce group has been developed. The group is made up of health officials, law enforcement, district administrators, school administrators, graduation coordinators, and student leaders.
  •  A survey has been developed for Senior students and parents for feedback. More information will be shared following the survey completion. Please know we are committed to finding a way to honor the Class of 2020 which includes allowing them the chance to walk across the stage and receive their diploma. 


School Based Awards (PreK- 12)

  • Schools will communicate any virtual awards processes taking place. 


Grading and Final Reporting:

  • The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in school closure after March 13 for in-person instruction. SInce that time, our teachers have provided remote learning opportunities to students with a focus on skill development and academic growth. In addition to instruction in new content topics, our students continued to work to improve content mastery based on their performance up to the time of closure. None of the instructional activities related to new content delivery were graded in the traditional sense because JCPS could not guarantee that the critical factors for remote learning, listed below, could be met for all students. 


Critical factors for effective remote learning must ensure that remote learning... 

  • is accessible by all students for which the learning is intended and is responsive to diverse learning groups;
  • maintains consistent communication between instructional staff and students;
  • addresses the curricular and instructional needs associated with appropriate standards; 
  • includes evidence of student learning; and, 
  • considers the whole child as well as the home learning environment. 


  • Grading process for final grading specifically by grade levels below:


JCPS Elementary K-5 Final Grading


JCPS Middle School 6-8 Final Grading


JCPS High School Grades 9-11 Final Grading


JCPS Graduating Seniors Final Grading


Improving Third Quarter Grades: 

  • This applies to students who are currently enrolled in a high school course in grades 8th-13, with the exception of the graduating class of 2020. The initial guidance from the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) provided remote learning guidance for students who were not meeting expectations as of March 13. 
  • The most recent update from NCDPI expanded the opportunity to improve third quarter grades to all students - those students who were meeting expectations as of March 13 in addition to those students who were not. 
  • Any student who is interested in this opportunity should contact the teacher directly. The last date for teachers to accept coursework from students for the purpose of improving a grade is May 29. There will be no exceptions to this deadline.


Promotion/Retention Information: 

  • Principals will reach out directly to parents if a student is being considered for retention. 


Students with IEPs: 

  • During this period of school closure due to the Coronavirus, JCPS has been providing remote learning/ packets/ support for all students. 
  • These remote learning activities/ packets/ and supports are related to IEP goals and objectives as well as to help our students stay connected in meaningful ways during this time that address their specific needs.Your child’s teacher and any related staff will be communicating with you either by telephone or email to check on your child’s progress and offer assistance.


  • We understand that with the COVID -19 school closures, there may be barriers with accessing and utilizing the resources provided. In these uncertain times, we want you to know that prior to the school closure, JCPS teams worked diligently to ensure students’ present levels for IEP goals were documented in order to record necessary baseline data. Baseline data will be critical in measuring progress toward the annual goals and having efficient data to make essential educational decisions once normal school operations resumes. 
  • JCPS will be sending home/ emailing IEP Progress reports on June 10. With the Covid-19 school closures, teachers may not have sufficient progress monitoring data and may not be able to determine progress toward IEP goals since the closure. For students in which progress cannot be determined since the 3rd quarter ended, data will be collected once normal school operations resume. IEP teams will use all data to make educational decisions for each student individually to ensure meaningful progress toward annual goals. 


Report Card Information: 

  • All final reporting information will be shared electronically beginning June 10. This extended date is necessary in order for teachers to provide quality feedback. All final reporting documents will include promotion/retention status. Parents who desire a printed copy should contact the school on or after June 10 and provide the student’s name and a current address to which the final reporting document can be mailed.
  • Elementary K-5: Students will receive a year-end feedback form regarding learning from the full academic year. 
  • Middle and High School Grades 6-11: Students will receive a final report card in electronic format. 
  • Graduating Seniors: Students will receive a final report card in electronic format and an official transcript.


Additional Information:

  • School Nutrition Refunds: Anyone wishing to request a refund can contact Jennifer White. Email: or by phone at : 919-934-1304
  • School Level Refunds: Contact your school office if you have any refund questions.
  • Food Sites: Food Sites will continue until further notice as planned. 
  • Driver’s ED: Students will be contacted once this restart and there are planning steps to begin looking at protocols. 
  • Summer Camps: The district will communicate new information on summer camps as we get finalized information. 
  • Athletics: Athletics is currently in a dead period until further notice. Your child’s school will communicate any updates with athletics. 
  • Students in Transitional Years (5th to 6th and 8th to 9th grade): Middle and High Schools will post information to their website in July on potential orientations. 


Continued Learning Opportunities:


  • UNC-TV Partnership


UNC-TV and the NC Department of Public Instruction have established a partnership that will support remote learning with content that will be accessible to students—especially those with limited or no internet access—at no charge. 

Each weekday, two blocks of programming on UNC-TV's North Carolina Channel will serve: 

4th through 8th grade students, from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.

9th through 12th grade students, from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. (actual times may vary, please check the weekly schedule online here). 

For PreK through 3rd grade, UNC-TV's 24/7 “PBS KIDS” channel -- Rootle -- will continue providing programming appropriate for that age group. 

These educational program blocks are available on the North Carolina Channel, available statewide for free over-the-air, through cable providers and streamed online.

Thank you for your continued support and we wish each of you continued health and safety.




Dr. Ben Williams

Interim Superintendent