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South Smithfield Elementary Holds Money War

From October 15 until November 30, 2018, South Smithfield Elementary School students participated in a Money War. During this grade level competition, students brought in loose change and bills to fill their grade level jars and see who could raise the most money for Generosity Feeds, a meal packaging event that will be held at Smithfield Middle School on December 15, 2018. This event will package 17,500 meals for the hungry right here in the Smithfield-Selma area. In the 5 weeks of the Money War, South Smithfield students were able to raise $2000 to donate to this cause. That equates to 2000 meals! The winning grade, 1st Grade, will receive a doughnut party and extra recess, but the whole school received the blessing of donating this money to such a worthy cause, Generosity Feeds.