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Schedule Distribution

Student Schedule Distribution

Drop/Add requests may or may not be granted. 

Much attention is given to careful course selection and creation of a master schedule which allows the greatest number of students the best schedule possible. Therefore, following the completion of registration in March, schedule changes will be limited.  

Students enrolled in Advanced Placement courses may not withdraw from the course any later than the fifth school day of the semester in which the student is enrolled in the courses. 

Students who enroll in an honors or advanced placement course have made a commitment. They will not be able to drop an honors section and transfer to a regular section of the same course except for extenuating circumstances. Because honors sections will require additional work, the decision to enroll in them should be made with care. Regular course sections for which there are honors options are geared to meet College Preparation and Future Ready Core requirements.

Accessing Student Schedule Procedures:

Students will be able to access schedules via PowerSchool beginning August 18th. Any scheduling issues need to be addressed through the bitly link below. The bitly link will be live on 8/18 at 8AM and close on 8/20 at 10AM to allow counselors to change schedules and get ready for the first day.  An email will be sent to the student once the issue/concern has been addressed. Students need to be checking their email they provided. 

CONSIDERATION FOR DROP/ADD WILL ONLY BE HONORED THROUGH THE BITLY LINK. Please complete this form once, we will work on these requests before answering any phone calls, emails.