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Drop/Add Request Form Spring 2021

Drop/Add Request Form Spring 2021
Please review your 2020-21 schedule carefully with your parents. Students seeking a schedule change should complete this form. Your requests should cover the entire school year as there will be minimal changes between semesters.

Requests will be considered for the following reasons:
1.) A Junior or Senior missing a course to graduate on time
2.) Already received credit for a course
3.) The course level is out of sequence or in the same semester
4.) Have not met the prerequisite for the course

Counselors will make changes in the order requests are submitted to the form and will communicate with you by email if questions arise. Counselors will not be able to make changes unless they are initiated through the online form. Please do not submit duplicate requests.

All requests should be submitted by Tuesday, January 5th at 3 p.m. Counselors will communicate with you by email if they have questions. If your schedule is changed, you will receive an email with the new schedule.

Due to the master schedule, course request conflicts, and enrollment limitations, there is no guarantee that your requests will be accommodated. Please note that changing courses may result in the use of alternate courses and could alter your entire schedule.

All schedules are subject to change without notice. SSS reserves the right to change teachers, course offerings, and blocks. Please know that some student schedules will be changed due to class overcrowding, teacher availability, etc. Changes cannot be made to accommodate requests for certain teachers.

******All student-athletes must pass six credit hours per year to maintain their eligibility.
3 credit hour requirement for the Fall semester and 3 credit hour requirement for the Spring semester *****