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Local Johnston County Robotics Takes 2nd at State Tournament

SMITHFIELD — On April 1st and 2nd, Johnston County’s FRC (FIRST Robotics Competition) Team 6004 f(x) Robotics competed at the FRC North Carolina State Championship at East Carolina University. To qualify for states, the team competed at two earlier district events held in Asheville and Raleigh.

Robotics Team

The members of FRC Team 6004 with their finalist award.
L to R

1st row: Loftin Agbayani (Le Soleil Academy), Elle Stephenson (Smithfield Selma High School), Jordan Nixon (Smithfield Selma High School), Ava Cummings (Smithfield Selma High School)
2nd row: Jordan Andujar (Smithfield Selma High School), Jordan Watts (Neuse Charter School), Aynsleigh Agbayani (Le Soleil Academy), Bronwyn Agbayani (Le Soleil Academy), Camryn Lovette (Smithfield Selma High School), Connor Flannery (Smithfield Selma High School), Katie Bass (Smithfield Selma High School)
3rd row: Becca King (Smithfield Selma High School), Joseph Evans (Smithfield Selma High School), Sebastian Garrett (Smithfield Selma High School), Abbie Wilson (Smithfield Selma High School), Kasey Silfee (Smithfield Selma High School)  
4th row: Eli Spottswood (Smithfield Selma High School), Madi Wallace (Liberty University Online Academy), Sherelle McDaniel (Smithfield Selma High School), Carter Clever (Smithfield Selma High School), Jayden Thompson (Smithfield Selma High School), Kohlbie Stevens (Smithfield Selma High School), Kayden Evans (Smithfield Selma High School)

f(x) Robotics was one of the 40 teams eligible for states, a massive accomplishment for the team and the first time they've been to states in 6 years. At the tournament f(x) was invited to be a part of an alliance captained by FRC Team 3506 Yeti Robotics with their alliance partner FRC Team 4795 Eastbots. With these two teams, f(x) made it to the final match, the furthest they have ever gotten in their 8-year history. This alliance also obtained the highest game score across the entire state, 172 points.

f(x) Robotics’ 2022-2023 season robot “Kitsune” in action.

f(x) Robotics’ 2022-2023 season robot “Kitsune” in action.

The team and mentors are incredibly proud of f(x)’s accomplishments this year and are happy to end this season on such a high note. They hope to push and work even harder next year, and set their sights on the world championships in Houston, Texas.

If you are interested in learning more about FRC Team 6004, f(x) Robotics, email them at, visit their website at, or Instagram @frc6004.