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Second Art Exhibit “Joy Unfiltered” in Selma Curated by SSS Student-- An Exhibition Celebrating the Joy of Youth Artists

The arts are blossoming in Selma with the new arts exhibition, “Joy Unfiltered.” The exhibition is the second to be hosted by the Youth in Art Initiative, a youth arts group founded by Smithfield-Selma High School IB student Courtney Lassiter. Lassiter’s last exhibition with the Youth in Art Initiative in November, titled “Pieces of Us,” was a success, and resulted in multiple art pieces being sold and over 100 members of the community attending throughout the day. As a young artist herself, whose art has been showcased from Minneapolis to the US Capitol, Lassiter was inspired to offer opportunities for the creatives in her area. Recently, she did a TEDx Talk in Raleigh, titled “The Art of Art Careers.” “I’ve always wanted the youth to feel as if they have a place in the world of art,” Lassiter says. “Joy Unfiltered” will be held Saturday, March 25 from 3-6PM at 111 E. Oak St. in Selma, NC as a free art exhibition open to the community. For more information, visit the Youth in Art Initiative’s website, or their Instagram page @youthinartinitiative.