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SSS Student to Curate Art Exhibit “Pieces of Us” in Selma

SSS Student to Curate  Art Exhibit “Pieces of Us” in Selma 

An Exhibition Celebrating the Diversity of American Identity

Selma will soon host a youth arts show titled “Pieces of Us: an Exhibition Celebrating the Diversity of American Identity.” The exhibition is the first to be hosted by the Youth in Art Initiative, a youth arts group founded by Smithfield-Selma High School IB student Courtney Lassiter. Inspired by her background in art shows like the Congressional Art Competition, where her art was featured in the US Capitol, Lassiter started her project to allow for more opportunities for young artists like her. She has participated in 18+ exhibitions and publications, and she was awarded Johnston Now Magazine’s “Rising Star” award in July for her work as a young artist. “Pieces of Us” will feature over 15 artists ages 13 through 21 from across the United States. Held on November 12 at the Selma Lions Club, the free reception will include a showcase, competition and hors d'oeuvres. The top 10 pieces will go on to be exhibited at local Clayton gallery Heart2Hands for the month of December. For more information, visit the Youth in Art Initiative’s website, or their Instagram page @youthinartinitiative.