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Area Managers Inspection for the Smithfield-Selma NJROTC

On April 19, 2022, Smithfield-Selma NJROTC completed an Area Managers Inspection that is required every two years by the United States Navy.  The Cadets have been practicing very hard to ensure their Personnel Inspection and Pass in Review looked sharp and professional.

Both the personnel inspection and Pass in Review portions of the event were led by Cadet Lieutenant Commander Miranda Galindo, Commanding Officer of the unit. The first phase is a Uniform Personnel Inspection where each Cadet's uniform and general military knowledge is inspected and reviewed.  The second phase is the Pass in Review which is a long-standing military tradition that began as a way for a newly assigned commander to inspect his troops. Visiting officers and guest speakers are also invited to review the troops.

There were several speakers, including the Invocation led by Colonel Sherrill Stevens (ret), a 95-year-old World War II Chaplain; Mr. David Allen, Principal; and Master Chief Matt DesChamps (ret), Naval Science Instructor.  The community of Smithfield-Selma and their Veterans came out in full force as we celebrated their service during our ceremony.

The common theme from the speakers to the Cadets was to focus on academics throughout their high school years and to be the best you can be.  The Cadets did exceptionally well and should be proud of their accomplishments.