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Local Teacher Rises to the Role of Inspirational Author

Smithfield-Selma High School teacher, John Cabascango, became an author with the September 2019 publication of his book, Throwing Moses Under the Bus:  A High School English Teacher looks at the Ten Commandments.


In his book, the author examines ancient rules and stories that illustrate why these rules still matter in a digital age. Using examples from twenty-one years of teaching, novels, movies, and the American high school hallway, readers are invited to see why boundaries matter to people who want to live freely.


Writing the book on weekends and in the evenings, John Cabascango learned a lot about the writing and publication process.  Working with an overseas editor, submitting the manuscript, and reviewing the publication contract are experiences that he can now share with students who aspire to become authors.


John Cabascango said, “I certainly hope this is not the last book for me, and have already delved into the eBook format, which is a lot cheaper to produce.  I want this to be a continuation of things I have wanted to do, but thought perhaps wouldn’t work out.  That’s a lesson for me, for my own kids, and for my students.”