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SSS Celebrates Homecoming

On Friday, October 5, 2018, Smithfield-Selma High School (SSS) celebrated Homecoming.


The week started with daily special events, such as dressing up as a superhero and wearing class colors.  Hallways were decorated and yard art displayed in a friendly competition between grade levels to show who shone with the greatest Spartan pride.


On Friday, the school amped iteslf up with its first outdoor Pep Rally.  The SSS cheerleaders motivated the crowd, and the teachers and students competed in e fierce tug-of-war.

SSS Cheerleaders

Figure 1.  SSS Cheerleaders



Figure 2. Students and teachers in a friendly tug-of-war match


Dance Performance

Figure 3.  Ms. Lee and her students perform a dance routine


SSS Band playing music

Figure 4.  The SSS Band helps rally the students with motivating music


The day concluded with the Varsity Spartans achieving victory over West Johnston, 28-21.  It was an exciting game with the win accomplished in overtime.  This victory ties the Spartans in the conference.


Details about the Homecoming game from Mr. Faircloth:


The outnumbered, outmanned and undermatched Mighty Spartans took to the gridiron battlefield with 20 players against the West Johnston WIldcats for Homecoming.  Spartans of old and new gathered to cheer on the team on a warm October night.


The Spartans took an early lead on a long run by Devonte Whaley.  Jesse Vallecillo added the first of his four extra points using his mighty right kicking leg.


The battle was a long and grueling one.  The Wildcats with a roster of 50 players brought fresh players at every turn.  Senior Alex Estrada went down with an injury and would not return. The Spartans would step up and fill in for him well.  


Senior Captain Jon Chopski scored his first career touchdown tying the game in the 3rd quarter.  The Wildcats, refusing to lose to the smaller, undersized Spartans, would take the lead into the 4th quarter.


Facing a deficit with under four minutes to play, the Spartans begin their march just like the 300 as they battled the Persians.  Marching down the field, the Spartans are soon facing a 4th down from the one yard line, needing a score to tie the game. But just like the 300, the Mighty Spartans banded together and made a final push into the end zone with quarterback JB Jones falling into the end zone for a touchdown.




The Spartans face adversity again, losing the coin toss and giving the Wildcats the upper hand.  The Spartans will have to fight first. It takes 3 plays for Deron George to score the go ahead touchdown.  The Wildcats take over with the ball, but just the like 300 at the pass of Thermopylae, the Wildcats would not be allowed to pass through.  On their final attempt, the ball sailed high into the night, the stadium watched with bated breath as the ball spiraled toward the ground. As the ball hit the ground, the crowd erupted as the Spartans overcame adversity, doubters, and were given no chance to win.  Final score 28-21, as the Spartans win their first conference game in five years. The jubilation from this win in front of a packed house will last well into the night as Spartans from old rejoice with the young Spartan warriors as they break through the win column.