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Victor E. Bell, Jr. Scholarship Winner

Smithfield Middle School AVID Student One of Fifteen N.C. Seventh Graders Receive Victor E. Bell, Jr. Scholarships from College Foundation, Inc.
Local Student Awarded a Scholarship Worth Up to $20,000 for Her Future Education

Smithfield, N.C. – (Spring 2020) – Smithfield Middle School AVID student, Yazmine Garcia, is one of fifteen promising North Carolina seventh graders who have been named as recipients of the Victor E. Bell, Jr. Scholarship. College Foundation, Inc. (CFI) is thrilled to recognize these students for their hard work, leadership, and dedication to school.

Yazmine is the daughter of Alex and Martha Garcia. She is a second year AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) student. The AVID program is a college access program that helps students who would be first generation college students work to meet their goals throughout middle and high school. “Yazmine is dedicated to setting and achieving rigorous goals for herself in all she endeavors to do, and we are extremely pleased she was selected for this scholarship.” stated Sarah Anderson, Yazmine’s AVID teacher. Yazmine is also an active member of the Smithfield Middle School literary magazine and yearbook staff. She is an accomplished artist in her own right and has sold pieces of her artwork locally.  Christina Schaffer, Yazmine’s Art teacher, says “Yazmine is a very gifted artist and painter, and I am awed by her dedication to her work, both as an artist and student.  Her quiet demeanor holds a big personality in our classroom through a constant stream of kindness and respect to others. Yazmine is dedicated and thorough in all she does, and her work ethic gives a quiet leadership to those around her.”

Since 2007, CFI has awarded 10 new Bell Scholarships each year. For the 2019–2020 school year, CFI increased the number of recipients to 15 exceptional seventh graders.

The scholarship is named in honor of the chairman of the CFI Board of Trustees, Victor E. Bell, Jr., who served on the Board for 30 years and left a strong legacy of service to higher education in North Carolina.

Each Bell Scholar is eligible to receive up to $20,000, as long as they meet annual renewal criteria. Starting in seventh grade, eligible students will receive $2,000 per year, through four years of college. The funds are contributed to an account in the NC 529 Plan, with the student named as the beneficiary.

Every fall, middle school counselors and college access groups from across North Carolina are invited to nominate students whose names will be randomly selected for the scholarship.

Smithfield Middle is extremely proud of Yazmine for her dedication, service, and leadership to our school. Congratulations!