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November's Crystal Apple Winner!

Congratulations Mrs. Bonner!!



The following are the nominations submitted by her collleagues:

Dawn is always happy and welcoming with the students. She shows genuine interest in their lives and really attempts to let them know she cares. She attends extracurricular activities so they know she supports them. In addition to her caring nature, she also rocks in the classroom. She is always trying to come up with innovative and engaging activities for the students. I have seen them do some amazing things, from plays to poetry to reinactments. She strives to instill a love of reading with them and encourages them to explore different reading materials. She gets here early and stays late getting everything in order for her classes. She really is dedicated to the success of our students.


Mrs. Bonner is a wonderful teacher and colleague! Her lessons are truly engaging (Anne Frank Play, Mock Trial, etc. ) and she always has her students (ALL of her students) best interests at heart. She builds positive, meaningful relationships with all of her students and it shows daily. It is obvious that Mrs. Bonner is an absolutely dedicated educator!


Mrs. Bonner is always very reliable and helpful to other team members. She is always pleasant and a joy to work with. She does an amazing job for her 8th grade team!


Ms. Bonner always has a positive attitude. She sets high standards for all of her students and goes above and beyond the call of duty to help the school.... with a smile on her face.