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Anthony Rojas Macias Honored!

"Anthony Rojas Macias has been a student with self-discipline, maintaining outstanding levels of responsibility & integrity, for as long as he has been a student at Selma Elementary School. No matter the situation, Anthony chooses to do the right thing. He is a role model for his classroom peers and sets an amazing example for our students in the lower grades. His homeroom teacher had this to say about him: "From the beginning, even when remote learning was new and confusing to us all, Anthony was online for every single meeting and he completed all of his assignments. I can always count on him doing his best every day. I've been impressed with how responsible he has been regardless of whether he was doing face-to-face or virtual learning! Great job Anthony!" 
We have a school-wide social contract that is posted in our main hallway to remind each of the students of our agreed-upon actions and behaviors that contribute to the safety and success of all Yellow Jackets. These include being responsible and trying our best. It is evident to us that Anthony not only takes the social contract seriously but that he lives and breathes it each day that he enters our building and we are so thankful to have him constantly setting such a great example for us all! Anthony, we are so proud of you for showing that not only does SES have heart, but that we also have self-discipline & responsibility, as well! "