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Bill Hinnant - Classified Employee of the Month

Bill HinnantBill Hinnant may be the Facility Services Flooring Supervisor, but he's so much more to JCPS. Hinnant is a kind soul, an artistic master, a respected mentor, and an adept teacher who delights customers, subordinates, peers and leadership. Mr.Bill (as he is known all around) has been moving JCPS from good to great his entire career!

During a Foreman's Mission Critical Meeting at the "Attaboy/Recognition" phase,  Bill and team were praised for their extraordinary work creating an inlaid dolphin mascot logo on a floor in one of the schools.

When asked why his team completed such a complex task (greatness) when a traditional approach (good) would have been fine, he said something that struck everyone. Hinnant said something to the effect of, "Well, I'm retiring soon, and my team wanted to learn the technique, so we found some scrap material that matched the school's colors and I taught them the art of inlaying floor designs. I just wanted to pass on my knowledge before I leave to give them some experience with it."

Mr. Bill respects the staff and the building he enters, and engages in conversations allowing those at the school level to get to know him, his team and what they do. His communication and positive attitude allows those at the school level to better connect and understand those at Facility Services. 

He is constantly searching for new approaches to make Johnston County Schools the best they can be in his profession. On a daily basis, he demonstrates an amazing character, leadership, and heart. His commitment to making the schools the best they can be has not wavered.