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March Character Education Award recipients

At the March 2023 Regular Session Board of Education meeting, the March Character Education Award recipients were recognized by the Board.


Recipients are nominated by their teachers for one of five character traits including compassion, integrity, self-discipline, courage, and dependability.


Four Oaks Middle

8th Grade

DEPENDABILITY - Keeping your promises

Aydien MooreMoore, who is fondly referred to as "A.D." by his peers and teachers at Four Oaks Middle School, has many great character traits, but one that stands out is dependability. A.D. is a steadfast and reliable student. In his classes, he is attentive during instruction, works hard to complete assignments, helps his classmates during group tasks, and volunteers to help his teachers.

He is conscientious about his grades, and takes pride in his accomplishments. He is accountable for his actions in class, and always offers a helping hand.

A.D. always has a pleasant attitude, greets everyone with kindness, and a smile. He has been a joy to have at school and Four Oaks Middle knows he has a wonderful future ahead of him.


Powhatan Elementary - 5th grade

COURAGE - Doing the right thing even when others do not

Kailee BronsonKailee Bronson epitomizes the character trait of courage. Bronson is a natural leader, and has the courage to do the right thing in any situation, whether it is in the classroom, at lunch, or at recess. She demonstrates this trait daily, whether it is through her quiet hard work in class, working with our Pre-K students, helping her teachers, or leading her friends and fellow students to always make good choices.

She  sets the bar high for herself and others as they interact with other students and faculty at work or play. Bronson enjoys the challenge of working in groups to complete tasks and projects of high quality. 



Riverwood Elementary - 5th grade

COMPASSION - Treating others as you would like to be treated

Alexis GracianoAlexis Graciano has always shown a genuine heart of compassion for others. He always shows care for other students and his teachers. and goes out of his way to help out in class. He is truly a joy to teach, cares deeply about others’ feelings, and is a friend to all. 

Recently, he realized his sister, a kindergarten student, had misplaced her library book. Graciano brought in his own money to pay her fine so that she could get another book.  When he explained what had happened, the media specialist told him she would waive the fee. Graciano again tried to pay the fine.  When she insisted he keep his money, he was so truly appreciative, that he had tears in his eyes. He thanked the media specialist every time he saw her from then on.He is the true embodiment of compassion. 



Riverwood Middle - 8th grade

SELF-DISCIPLINE - Doing your best in all situations

Jarron JordanJarron Jordan truly exemplifies everything a model student should be, so much so it was difficult to choose just one character trait for this recognition. Jordan is a leader among his peers, being loved and respected by teachers and students alike. Jordan can often be found helping his peers in math class, and has been overheard encouraging positive behavior in the hallways.   

He has been an honor roll and principal’s list student during each of his years at Riverwood Middle. Jordan achieved principal’s list for the first semester this year, earning no grade below a 95.

He currently serves as a member of the yearbook staff, and President of the FFA and Beta Club, as well as President of the Greater Raleigh Kappa League. He plans to attend Howard University after high school and major in Business Administration and minor in Finance. 


Selma Elementary - 3rd grade

INTEGRITY - Being honest in all things

Sarah Adorno CastillioSarah Adorno Castillio consistently thinks of the impact of her actions on others, and always tries her best to do the right thing. She intentionally chooses her actions based on making sure that everyone around her has an amazing day!

Adorno Castillio stays on task, works hard, and will never hesitate to lend a helping hand to a classmate during recess or group work. She can always be counted on to tell the truth, no matter the situation, and she quickly accepts responsibility for her actions. When she makes a mistake, without hesitation, she reflects on how she can learn from the situation, and uses the opportunity for growth and self-improvement. 

Adorno Castillio gets along with her fellow students, and shows a tremendous amount of respect. She's honest and straightforward, without being rude or hurtful, letting her conscience guide her at all times! 


Selma Middle - 8th grade

SELF-DISCIPLINE - Doing your best in all situations

Fernanda BonillaIn the classroom, Fernanda Bonilla is a quiet leader that enjoys learning. She advocates for herself and has set high goals for her future. Her perseverance in problem-solving is seen daily when she attends extra practice sessions just to ensure she has mastered the learning targets. Bonilla is a natural group leader and works closely with her peers in all of her classes to ensure they also understand what is being taught.

She is a member of all the academic competition teams (MathCounts, Battle of the Books, and Science Olympiad), AVID, and National Junior Honor Society. Bonilla exemplifies the Selma Middle motto of Learn More, Do More, to Be More.

She takes responsibility, respects herself and others, acts with integrity, is committed to success, and keeps safety in mind. The embodiment of  multiple good character traits, Selma Middle highlights and celebrates her leadership and self-discipline. 


West Smithfield Elementary - 5th grade

SELF-DISCIPLINE - Doing your best in all situations

Cristal Rivera-NunezCristal Rivera-Nunez is a joy in the classroom. She exhibits self-discipline at all times, doing what she is expected to do inside and outside the classroom, be it behaviorally or academically. She is very focused and attentive in class, and makes sure that she learns the concepts being taught. Rivera-Nunez comes to school ready to learn, and completes her homework in a timely and intelligent manner. Her school materials are very organized in a way that she knows where to find each item.

She makes friends easily, and knows when it’s time to socialize and when it’s time to study. She sets a good example to her schoolmates, and communicates well with them. Rivera-Nunez encourages and helps them when learning gets difficult. She listens and pays attention to instructions at all times.