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Talisha Parker - January Certified Employee of the Month



Polenta Elementary

This is Talisha Parker's second year teaching exceptional students who have Autism at Polenta Elementary. 

Parker conducts a phenomenal classroom for her students. She is a light to the teachers and students at Polenta, making them successful in her special education classroom. 

No matter how overwhelming a day may be, Parker is always smiling. Her calming presence is felt by her students and fellow staff members who come into her room.

Despite the demands and needs in her classroom, one is put at ease walking in the classroom because it is a safe, nurturing, and educational environment.  

Parker is always willing to help and listen to ideas to help make her students build on their success.

Her classroom is also a model for other classrooms in the school, and she is a role model who other teachers admire. Parker is ALWAYS willing to learn and try new ideas.

She is moving Polenta from good to great, given her exceptional abilities and talents she lavishes on her students.

Parker is inviting and welcoming to all students, regardless of their ability or background. She makes such a difference in the lives of the children in her AU classroom, and is always thinking of ways to help her students.