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Sonia Sanchez - January Classified Employee of the Month



Swift Creek Middle

Sonia Sanchez is an instructional assistant in a special education classroom at Swift Creek Middle.

Sanchez is a gem to have as an assistant in special education. She goes above and beyond to meet the needs of the students she works with despite any obstacles presented on any given day. 

Her patience and advocacy for students is exceptional. When given support from service providers, she always ensures the delivery recommendations and best practices for her students.

She is a great listener, innovator, and collaborator with a “whatever it takes” attitude to gain success.   Sanchez is a blessing to the school, coworkers, students and their families.

Sanchez is a teacher assistant, and a one-on-one aide in a self-contained classroom for students with Autism.

She works directly with one particular student who has severe and profound needs. Sanchez has helped his behaviors and transition from elementary to middle school. His transition could not have been smoother with the help of Sanchez. 

She also assists with being a teacher assistant in two other classrooms after her student leaves for the day.

All of her students are shown love, respect, and concern. Her care and compassion are not only provided for those students with whom she works, but all throughout the school building. 

She also is a bright light for her fellow colleagues and administration. Sanchez is willing to help and do whatever is needed to best meet the needs of the students, and for the school as a whole.

We appreciate all you do for the students at Swift Creek Middle School! 

Congratulations to Ms. Sonia Sanchez!