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November Character Education Awards

The Johnston County Board of Education recognized the November Character Education Award recipients at its regular scheduled meeting.


Wilson's Mills Elementary 

5th Grade

DEPENDABILITY - Keeping your promises

Jenna Alexander has the praise of all of her teachers and isJenna Alexander. respected by her fellow classmates.  When Alexander is asked to do something, she does so without hesitation. 

There is no doubt she will complete whatever is asked of her. She is a positive influence in her classes, and a joy to teach. 

Alexander never complains about anything and always has a respectful demeanor.  She completes all assignments thoroughly, and keeps up with tasks even when she is absent.  

Alexander is extremely proud of her dad, who is in the military and actively serving our country. 

She will accomplish whatever she sets her mind to in the future, and Alexander's dependability will be a huge asset to her success.


Clayton Middle 

7th Grade

PERSERVERANCE - Working hard and not giving up

Anna Cooper is an exemplary representation of perseverance. During the learning process, she will continue to retry until she gets it just right. Anna CooperCooper expects nothing less of herself and makes her teachers extremely proud. She shows this level of dedication in each of her classes.

Cooper leads by example inside and outside of the classroom.  She is on the cheerleading team, and you can see her practicing with the intention of becoming better.  Everyone around Cooper naturally works harder to keep up with her drive and motivation. 

She is a ray of sunshine that brightens up our school daily with her positive attitude and her go-getter mentality. Cooper is always striving to be a better version of herself, and to help others do the same.


East Clayton Elementary

5th Grade

RESPECT - Understanding that all people have value as human beings

Jelani Harris shows respect anywhere he is in the school building. He is always willing to be a friend to our new students. Harris makes sure everyone is included atJelani Harris recess and always uses his manners when speaking to others. 

When asked about why he shows respect, Harris notes that his parents always encourage him to be kind to others.  He explains, "Being respectful means you have a bunch of manners and you help others when they need help.”

His teachers see Harris demonstrate these actions each day.  They report that he goes above and beyond to help his teachers and others.

The staff at East Clayton Elementary is proud to recognize Harris for his strong character, and are thankful that he can be a role model for all East Clayton Elementary Explorers.


Clayton High

11th Grade

RESPONSIBILITY - Being accountable for your own actions

Destiny Mishue exemplifies responsibility in all aspects of her life. Teachers have never received an assignment from her late or undone. She does her work to theDestiny Mishue best of her abilities.

Mishue's attendance record is immaculate, and she communicates with her teachers to advocate for herself and to make sure her “i”s are dotted and her “t”s are crossed.

Teachers say they have never met a more dependable 17-year-old, and she is always aware of her responsibilities. Mishue stays structured in her schedule and work ethic to always reach deadlines and exceed expectations of the quality of work.

Destiny is always on task and encourages others to do the same. Mishue is self-reliant and dedicated, and she uses her organizational skills and determination to always take responsibility for her work, her actions, and her future.


Cooper Academy

5th grade

RESPONSIBILITY - Being accountable for your own actions

Sadia Purmul, a 5th grader at Cooper Academy, is the recipient for demonstrating responsibility.  Purmul is an enthusiastic learner whoSadia Purmul challenges herself and her peers to perform in the classroom at the highest academic level. 

She works extremely hard to grow as a student while engaging in her assignments each day.  Purmul leads by example by consistently coming to class prepared, completing all of her assignments, staying on task, and serving as a mentor to students who are struggling with classwork. 

Cooper Academy is fortunate to have students like Purmul who demonstrate 100% effort to grow as a student and as a person. 

Congratulations to Purmul for consistently demonstrating responsibility in and outside of the classroom! 

Cooper Academy looks forward to hearing about her accomplishments in the future as nothing will hold her back from achieving her goals.


West Clayton Elementary

5th Grade

SELF DISCIPLINE - Doing your best in all situations

Although he is being recognized for self-discipline, it was incredibly difficult to identify just one characterDontay Watson trait exemplified by Dontay Watson. 

Watson embodies self-discipline, respect, perseverance, responsibility, compassion, integrity, courage, honesty, and loyalty each and every day. 

Teachers throughout the school have shared that he is simply “an amazing young man” with “the best attitude towards life.”  They have shared that he “works super hard and is respectful and kind to adults and peers.” 

Since kindergarten, Watson's teachers have had the opportunity to watch him learn and grow, always being thoughtful, kind, caring, and helpful to others.

West Clayton Elementary looks forward to seeing what great things the future will bring for Watson.