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Tosha Franks named Certified Employee of the Month

Mrs. Tosha Franks is a wonderful asset to Swift Creek Middle School.  Not only because she is an exemplary educator, but because she understands that students’ success goes beyond the school walls and standardized test scores.  She is dedicated to her students, families, school, and community.  


She is one of the first people to arrive and one of the last to leave.  A day fulfilled is when she communicates with a parent, collaborates with faculty members, and ensures plans are made for the next day.  She is able to adapt to the daily challenges and changes of education.  She strives continuously for personal and professional  improvement. 


Tosha Franks' presence has a lasting impact wherever she goes. She demonstrates her care and concern for all students by providing uninterrupted time for students’ needs, creating high standards for academic achievement and safety protocols, and ensuring engaging lessons and activities to address the social and emotional learning for the students. 

One would also see her at most extracurricular events cheering on her students in athletics and school activities and showing her support for the students’ outside interests. 

During the busyness of school life with all the interactions, activities, and day-to-day opportunities and challenges, she takes time to recognize that both the big and small moments matter.  Students matter.   Students are the priority.   

Mrs. Tosha Franks is most deserving of this recognition as Certitied Employee of the Month.