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September Character Education Award recipients

Gabby Beale

Gabby Beale, a senior at Cleveland High received the Character Education Award for RESPECT.

Gabby embodies the true heart of respect and fairness at Cleveland High School. 

In her leadership roles, with  the Executive Student Council, Racial and Ethnic Diversity Club, National Honor Society and HOSA she ensures that all voices of students are represented and respected.

She shares her thoughts and maintains a positive voice in working toward improving Cleveland and each student's experience. 

An Honors student taking multiple honors classes throughout her four years at Cleveland, Gabby also finds the time to serve as an athletic trainer with our sports teams.

She works many  nights on the sidelines of our games with our Athletic Trainer, who says, "she is a great team player and I would "hire her at any time on any day.  She is phenomenal. "   

Laurel Johnson Eighth grade Cleveland Middle student Laurel Johnson received the Character Education Award for RESPONSIBILITY. 

One of her teachers says, "This is my third year teaching Laurel and I can truly say she is the perfect representation of responsibility. 

She is a true role model for her peers and she is always striving to be a better student and person. 

As an AVID student, she was chosen to lead tours for the rising 6th grade students, and she did a wonderful job."

Another teacher says, "Laurel demonstrates responsibility by being very diligent about completing her assignments.”

Laurel's school counselor says, "I have known Laurel since her Kindergarten days at West View. She has always been a bright spot around her school. Laurel can consistently be counted on to be a role model and leader."

Luke SpearsLuke Spears, a 5th grader at Polenta Elementary, received the Character Education Award for RESPECT.

Luke exemplifies respect at Polenta and has a reputation for being a respectful student. He is very kind and caring to his classmates and teachers.

Luke can be found helping other students and keeping the classroom neat and tidy without being asked. 

He is always tuned into the lesson and has his eyes on the presenter respectfully absorbing all learning.  He anticipates each learning opportunity and is excited to grow.

Luke affirms his teachers by words of encouragement.  Each teacher who has had the pleasure of interacting with Luke has nothing but positive experiences to report. 

He leaves a lasting impression each time you interact with him because he is so respectful.

Landon CorbyCleveland Elementary 5th grader, Landon Corby received the Character Education Award for COMPASSION.

Landon demonstrates many positive character traits in and out of the classroom on a daily basis. One character trait that he is exceptionally good at is compassion.

He is always thinking of others and treating them with respect and kindness.

Landon is a natural caretaker and is always there to support and lift up others. He has been a leader in the classroom by demonstrating how it is to treat others as he would like to be treated.

He helps students when they are in need and always has a positive attitude. Landen has such a sweet, kind, and gentle nature.

Breona RichardsonBreona Richardson, an 8th grader at Swift Creek Middle received the Character Education Award for RESPONSIBILITY.

From the moment Breona joined Swift Creek Middle School, she has demonstrated many positive character traits, from respect to perseverance to responsibility. 

In her classes, she is attentive during instruction, works hard to complete assignments, helps her classmates during group tasks, and volunteers to help her teachers.

She enjoys working with others, and takes a collaborative approach to her learning. Breona demonstrates responsibility in her classes. She is accountable for her actions in class, and always offers a helping hand.

She will ask questions to better clarify her understanding of the topic being taught.  She advocates for herself daily and maintains a positive outlook and loves to be in the classroom.