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Transportation team honored for 1st quarter perfect attendance

Johnston County Public Schools Transportation Services recognized bus drivers from the North Johnston/Princeton area for having the highest perfect attendance rate for the entire first quarter of the 2019-2020 school year.

Bus drivers from the area received the department’s “Perfect Attendance Chain” and accompanying banner. The award is given on a quarterly basis to the area with the highest perfect attendance rate among bus drivers.

“We extend a heartfelt congratulations to these bus drivers for winning this award,” said Chase Ferrell JCPS Auxiliary and Safety Officer. “We truly appreciate what all of our bus drivers do on a daily basis to safely transport students to and from school.”

Bus drivers in the North Johnston/Princeton area with perfect attendance in the first quarter of the 2019-2020 school year are: Aileen House, Angela Atkinson, Angela Odom, Ashley Perry, Atiya Hicks, Blanca Olivia, Bobbie Shirley, Connie Toole, Debra Morgan, Denise Hales, Donna Batten, Ebone Leach, Faith Hicks, Gloria Dupree, Grace Brantley, Janet Kelly, Jennifer Garnish, Karen Toole, Karin Hauver, Kasondra Worley, Laura Ochoa, Linda Cockrell, Lydia Merrill, Maclaudy Munoz, Marsha Stanley, Marvin Royal, Michelle Martin, Minnie Brown, Pamela Lewis, Shannon Brock, Sharon Jones, Sheila Fitzgerald, Soletta Brown-Scarboro, Tammy Atkinson, Tammy Edwards, Tammy Massengill, Tammy McCall, Tammy White, Taylor Adams, Tenequa Hinnant, Tracey Sapp, Tracie Creech, VanEster Hales, Veronica Carrillo, Vickie Braswell, and Wendy Ronzcka.

The chain and banner will be housed and displayed in the North Johnston/Princeton area for the second quarter of the school year as a way to recognize their consistent efforts.