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RMS History Club goes to Gettysburg

8th grade students from Riverwood Middle School recently attended a field trip to Gettysburg National Military Park as part of the History Club. They were  led by teachers, Doug Pawlak, Jennifer Moreck and James Finneran. Gettysburg was the site of the largest battle of the American Civil War, with over 51,000 casualties,  and was considered a “turning point” of the Civil War,  with the major Union victory over the Confederate army here. Forty students and eighteen adult chaperones got to see the hallowed areas that, in the words of President Abraham Lincoln, led our nation to receive a “new birth of freedom”. Trip highlights and student favorites included the Rose farm, Pickett's charge field, the “Sally the dog” monument, Little Round Top, Devil’s Den, the site where Lincoln gave the Gettysburg address,  the ghost tour,  and Culp’s hill. The trip was extra special for one particular student, as he was able to see the area where his ancestor, Major General Dorsey Pender, was mortally wounded on July 2, 1863.

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