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Revised Schedule Follow UP

Good Evening Raven's Families! This is Sharon Bryant, Principal of Riverwood Middle School with a few important reminders.

Parents, thanks for the positive feedback that we have received as we rolled out the revised schedules this week. Students, please be reminded that you must attend your enhancement classes well. We are finding that many of you have not logged in to any live sessions or completed the assignments for the pre-recorded sessions in the event you have missed a session.

Parents, please be on the lookout for a Google Classroom Guardian Invite, if you have not already received one you should receive it by Friday. This allows you to view any missing assignments, upcoming assignments as well as messages from the teacher. Once you sign up for one classroom you will automatically be able to view all of your students classes. If an invite is not sent my Friday, please contact your child's homeroom teacher.

Parents, thanks for your support. Students for those of you who are attending and completing assignments keep up the good work. Parents please contact your child's homeroom teacher if you are having any issues.