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First Week REview

Greetings Raven’s Families! This is Sharon Bryant, Principal of Riverwood Middle School with some shoutouts and important information pertaining to virtual learning.

Allow me to thank our staff for all the hard work they have put into making this week an overall positive experience for our students. Students, we are proud of the number of you who are consistently and patiently logging in to your live sessions. Parents, thanks for your patience as we are working through reducing the number of students per session as we utilized this week to have conversations with staff on any adjustments we need to consider. Parents, we will continue with the co-teaching model as teachers have expressed the need to be able to monitor the chat room and the screen as the co-teacher is able to focus on instruction. Students will be in sessions with their teacher during the co-teaching model.

Beginning this week, we will have independent learning in Google Classroom every Wednesday. Students must log in to their classes for pre-recorded sessions by their teachers. Attendance will be taken based on students completion of the lesson and assignment attached. This day will also be used for teachers to plan and offer set tutorial times with students and arrange parent conferences as needed.

In addition, effective Monday, August 31 your child will receive a set schedule in which they will need to attend classes . This information will be added to their Google Classroom and teachers will review with students prior to the start date to ensure they understand their schedule.

Case Managers will be contacting families with students in our exceptional childrens’ program to ensure they are aware of specific service times.

Counselors are assisting with new enrollees; therefore, if you made a request for a change in your elective class this process has been on hold until we have all students registered. Our goal will be to have these reviewed and parents contacted the week of August 31.

Last, but not least beginning tomorrow anyone who completed the online technology survey on or before Wednesday, August 19 and indicated the need for a hotspot can stop by the school beginning tomorrow from 8:30-3:00. Please enter by the media center doors and someone will assist you.