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JCPS offering Test to Stay Program

Johnston County Public Schools is participating in the Test to Stay Program, a voluntary study with Duke University and the ABC Collaborative. Due to that participation our students now have more options if they are deemed a close contact to a positive COVID-19 case while at school.

Beginning Monday, if your student becomes a close contact to a positive COVID-19 case while at school, you will be contacted directly by an administrator from your child’s school. They will share with you important next steps for your student. If you give your student explicit consent to be a part of the Test to Stay Program through the Duke Consent form, your student will be allowed to stay in school and will not have to quarantine for the otherwise required 5 days per the Johnston County Public Health Department.

All students will be tested by a healthcare professional, your student’s school nurse, on days 1 and 5 after exposure. These tests will be done at school, and are done at no cost to the student or school system.

If at any point the student who is a close contact tests positive, they will have to stay home and quarantine the required amount of time.

If parents choose not to have their students tested through the school system, they will be required to quarantine from school for the required five days.

We are excited about offering this new program for our students, in hopes that we are able to reduce the number of students having to quarantine due to exposure from COVID-19. If at any point this program is applicable to your student, you will be contacted directly by your school.

As a reminder, this program is entirely optional, and is presented as a way to partner with our local health care providers and to keep our students in school.