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Clayton Chamber of Commerce SUPER STAR Teacher for November

November 2019 SUPER STAR Teacher – Riverwood Elementary –
Valorie Trombley
The Clayton Chamber of Commerce is very pleased to recognize Valorie
Trombley as our SUPER STAR Teacher of the month for November.
SUPER STAR teachers demonstrate excellence and leadership in their
classroom, creativity and motivation of their students, and show a high
level of commitment to our community.
Mrs. Trombley is a master teacher and an excellent instructional
facilitator. She does a superb job of differentiating and individualizing to
meet the varying levels of learning needs of all her first-grade students.
She always does an excellent job of requiring students to take ownership
of their own learning and perform their personal best. Students have a
great respect for Mrs. Trombley and often come back to visit her after
they move on to the next grade level. Also serving as an official mentor
for students, she actively teaches her students the importance of doing
for others and making sure Riverwood Elementary is a positive
In addition to serving as a teacher leader, Mrs. Trombley is the lead
teacher for the NC Istation Reading benchmark program which requires
her to attend state trainings and then come back to school to train
teaching staff. She develops the school yearbook each year along with
maintaining certain parts of the school website. She does all of this and
still is a phenomenal classroom teacher!
Congratulations Mrs. Trombley and thank you for your service to our
students and our Clayton community.

Our SUPER STAR Classroom Swag is sponsored this month by State
Farm Insurance Agency – Jaime Oxendine.