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Riverwood Buddies!

RES is excited to continue the Riverwood Buddies program this year! Riverwood Buddies is a partnership among grade levels in which classes partner with each other to build relationships and collaborate on classroom activities. Below are the grade level pairs for the Riverwood Buddies:

Kindergarten and 3rd Grade

1st Grade and 4th Grade

2nd Grade and 5th Grade

Below are several examples of activities from some of the Riverwood Buddies classes: 

From Mrs. Horne: 

Mrs Pellegrino's class came to our room last Friday to buddy read.  They read with their book bins - levels that my kids could read to their buddies and then higher level books for their buddies to read to them.  All were actively engaged and it went so well! We wish we had more time for activities like this! 

From Mrs. Pellegrino:

We buddied up with our Riverwood buddies first grade class (Horne) and had the students in my class (Pellegrino) introduce each other. Then, the older students read the first grade students the more challenging books.  After that the first graders had the chance to read a book on their level aloud to their buddies.


Mrs. Medlin and Mrs. Foscue's groups partnered to learn about owls and owl pellets. Mrs. Medlin's group presented their projects to Mrs. Foscue's class. After the presentations, students worked in groups to dissect an actual owl pellet! 


Mrs. Batten and Mrs. Pribble's groups learning about the Phases of the Moon together!