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Parent Update: February 23, 2021

Plan A for our face to face students starts Monday, March 1st.  Students whose parents have selected them to come to school for face to face instruction will come to school Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday each week starting next Monday.  Wednesdays will remain a remote/asynchronous learning day for all students for deep cleaning of the building. 
With everyone returning, here are have a couple of reminders.  First, under Plan A, we no longer have 6 feet of social distancing in place in the classrooms.  We have placed the desks 3 feet from one another as much as possible.  Also, students must wear their masks at all times.  This includes the playground if they are going to be within 6 feet of any other students.  Students will still eat lunch and snack in the classrooms in their seats. 
With everyone returning, we also need to bring back our afternoon carpool procedures we had in place prior to Christmas break.  Our bus riders, walkers, and K-2 carpool students will be dismissed at 3:45.  Our 3rd through 5th grade carpool students will be dismissed at 4:05 to help with our carpool line.    So if you have K-2 carpool student please be in line to pick them up by 3:45.  If you have a 3-5 carpool student, please don't enter our carpool line until 4:05 so we do not have cars backed up out on Buffalo Rd.  We will dismiss older siblings with the younger siblings so you only have to come through carpool once.
Thank you!