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RDE Student of the Month Announced for March

The character trait for the month of March for Johnston County Public Schools was integrity. River Dell Elementary students of the month are as follows:

PreK March Student of the Month
In pre-kindergarten Gregory Holmes was chosen as the student of the month.

Kindergarten Student of the Month-March
In kindergarten (from left): Harjot Sandhu, Blair Tayrose, Anik Roy, Paisley Barbour, Preston House, Claire Pless, Violet Hazlerigg, Cayden Baker and Cheyenne Revels.

First Grade Student of the Month: March
In first grade (from left): Naomi Rodrigues, Aidan Lee, McKenzie Vega-Garcia, Sophia Clough, Axle Bronson, Daniel Daye, Jack Jeffers, Lauren Schultz and Isaac Chapman. Not pictured is Mason Powell and Holden Blinka.

Second Grade Student of the Month: March
In second grade (from left): Teagan Totterow, Kaelynn Locklear, Annie Wokasch, Jacob Siegel, Jacob Tuohy, Marlee Cuddington, Ava Hoff and Julian Villavicencio. Not pictured is Kathryn Lawhorn.

Third Grade Student of the Month: March
In third grade (back row, from left): Rachel Allen, Jonathan Bailey, Ryan Hill, Mason Doughty and Jason Edington. In the front row (from left): Hannah Sealey, Addison Crisson, Savino Brancucci and Tristan Walters.

Fourth Grade Student of the Month: March
In fourth grade (back row, from left): Jamyia Powell, Jasmine Turner, Eliza Mintz, Yannah Young and Marlee Wenzel. In the front row (front left):Holden Blinka, Jackson Blais, Kathryn DeSimone and Maddie Pritts.

Fifth Grade Student of the Month: March
In fifth grade (back row, from left): Bianca Villavicencio, Troy McKay, Maci Martin and Madelyn Telliga. In the front row (from left): Ava Clair Pearce, Ava Lee and Hailey Utech.