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First Grade Teacher Receives Grant for RDE

Congratulations and thank you is in order for first grade teacher Cindy Raynor who received a $625 from Johnston County Education Foundation.

Raynor applied for this grant based on her project “Story Time with STEM Friends.” On Jan. 16 Raynor was presented with her check from Brandy Crocker.

Raynor’s first grade class is forming a friendship with Mrs. Joyner’s Kindergarten class through STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Friends. Each month the two classes get together with an integrated reading and STEM activity that the students enjoy.

“So far we have learned the importance of a sturdy foundation as we built Chica Chica Boom Boom trees that can support at least 20 letter tiles,” Raynor said. “We also read the book ‘Ten Timid Ghosts’ and built houses to protect a family of ghosts from a blow-dryer.”

Last month, after learning about the Mayflower and testing materials that can float, the students built boats and tested to see if their boat could hold 102 plastic Pilgrims. Solving real life problems following The Engineering Design method of imagining, planning, creating and improving designs allows students to achieve success through failures.

“We learn from each other as we observe our STEM Friends’ designs and outcomes,” Raynor said.

 “We are extremely proud of Mrs. Raynor for receiving another grant for River Dell Elementary,” Jewett said. “The grant will definitely help in providing materials for our students to integrate STEM in the classroom.”

Raynor accepted her check with her first grade class and RDE Principal Chad Jewett.  All of whom were very excited.

Through adventures as STEM Friends, students can become STEMtastic readers, engineers and scientists. Raynor said she hopes this excitement will spread into other classrooms at RDE and more STEM Friend partnerships will develop.