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Author Visits Second Graders at RDE

Second graders in Margie Riedel's class had an exciting visitor on Dec. 18.
Author Sherry C. Storrs visited the classroom and read her new book "The Giraffe, the Sun and the Apricot."
"The students were so excited to meet her and were very engaged with her story," Riedel said. 
This is Storrs' second book, her first book was "Jelly - It's Not Just For Toast." While Storrs' visited she told the students that when she was their age she had a hard time learning to read and said the students should not give up and keep trying. 
Storrs' even passed out four signed copies of her new book to students.
"We were thrilled to have Mrs. Storrs' come and read to us," Riedel said. "She really encouraged the students to keep reading."
Riedel's class is currently learning about fables and it was a great time for her to come and read her book. 
Storrs' is a local author from Raleigh.