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RDE Honors World Diabetes Day

The month of November is diabetes awareness month and Nov. 14 was World Diabetes Day (WDD).

River Dell Elementary School has a couple students who deal with diabetes and to honor them everyone wore blue to raise awareness for the disease.

“We really enjoyed seeing all of our students and staff wearing their blue in support of world diabetes day,” RDE Principal Chad Jewett said.

There are two main types of diabetes, type one and type two. Two students, Raedyn McKeever and Karleigh Wilder, at RDE have type one diabetes, which there is no cure for. Both types of diabetes are chronic diseases that affect the way the body regulates blood sugar and/or glucose. Glucose feeds the body’s cells but to do that the body needs to produce insulin. People with type one diabetes do not produce insulin, which can get dangerous.

Both students at RDE have to check their blood sugar while at school to make sure their levels are okay. Wilder is a third grader and McKeever is a first grader. For WDD, McKeever’s  mother Melissa visited her classroom with other people who are afflicted with diabetes. The first grade students lined the hallway to cheer on McKeever and the others.

In McKeever’s class a presentation was given on type one diabetes and how she works to control it. Also during the presentation Dianne Dillo, whose daughter was a former employee with RDE visited with her service dog Stella. Dillo and Stella talked about what Stella helps Dillo do through the day and how Stella is trained to alert Dillo in advance of low or high blood sugar before it becomes dangerous.

“It was wonderful to see activities and lessons taking place to help teach our students about diabetes and how brave the children that deal with it on a daily basis truly are,” Jewett said.

The students also made their own pods to wear. A pod is what a diabetic wears on their arm to help delivers insulin to the body. The students each got to decorate their own and wear it all day to see what diabetics have to do on a daily basis.