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RDE Fifth Grader Awarded Grant

Congratulations to River Dell Elementary Fifth Grader Harrison Bennett who was awarded the Johnston County Public Schools Student Innovator Grant.

Harrison’s idea is to help students see the bus drivers hand signals better. With the grant, bus drivers will get black gloves to wear with reflective tape so the students can see the bus driver better as they are loading and unloading the bus.

When a bus driver makes a stop sign with their hand a red stop sign will show on their palm. When they point using the index finger the finger on the glove will be yellow.

“When my mom came home from the 2018 Ignite meeting, she told me about the grant,” Bennett said. “So I thought about it and what I could do to help the school and the buses. I was thinking about what if it was really bright one day and the students couldn’t see the bus driver from the road.”

To get more information on his project, Bennett sent a survey out to bus drivers and 70 percent of responses said that bus drivers would use these gloves. Bennett is going to provide the bus drivers at River Dell Elementary with the gloves to start with, since there are over 300 buses for Johnston County.

Bennett was presented with the grant on Nov. 1 during his class.

“When they walked into the classroom with my mom I thought it was a little weird. Then they presented the grant to me in front of my class which was really exciting,” Bennett said.

Bennett will attend the next bus driver meeting at River Dell to discuss his prototype to the bus drivers and show them how it will work.