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Dudash awarded Superstar Teacher of the Month for CCC

Congratulations to River Dell Elementary kindergarten teacher Robin Dudash who was awarded the Superstar Teacher Award for the month of October for the Clayton Chamber of Commerce.

​Dudash was teaching her students on Friday, Oct. 26, when she was surprised by members of the Clayton Chamber of Commerce, which included; Terri Sessoms, Teresa Balck, Amanda Blakely, Dana Wooten and Martha Stovall, and RDE ​Principal Chad Jewett who brought balloons and a certificate recognizing Dudash for the awesome job she does.

“Mrs. Dudash is a true servant leader in our school and our community,” Assistant Principal Jenny Durko said.

“Superstar teachers demonstrate excellence and leadership in the classroom, creativity and motivation of their students and show a high level of commitment to our community,” Amanda Blakely from Childcare Network said.

Dudash encourages all of her students to be their very best. Whether they are just beginning to learn the alphabet or mastering Kindergarten reading, she encourages her students to grow and do their very every day.

“Mrs. Dudash creates an environment where her students feel safe, and comfortable approaching her and asking questions at any time,” Durko said. “She is calm, comforting, supportive and reassuring. She lets her students know that if they can’t do something right now, they will get it. She encourages her students to stick with it and never give up.”

Dudash takes into account her students’ interests and offers them opportunities to integrate technology, art, music, hands-on activities and a variety of techniques to enhance their learning potential.

“Mrs. Dudash is very deserving of this award,” Assistant Principal Tandra Batchelor-Mapp said. “She is here early every day and leaves late to ensure that she is prepared for her students.”

Dudash serves as the kindergarten representative on the School Improvement Team. She is an ever-present face at RDE events, be it before school, after school or on the weekends. She has been an influential guide to new teachers at RDE.